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  • MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY : 10 pcs for each kind

  • MAXIMUM SHIPPING QUANTITY : 50 pcs for each shipment

  • Phytosanitary certificate costs US$ 10 additionally. You can add it directly from the shop.

  • The BARE ROOTED plants without any soil will be shipped out.

  • Payment method:

    • via Paypal → Click PAYPAL CHECKOUT and its fee (4%) at buyer’s expense.

    • via Western Union or Bank Transit → Click CHECKOUT then we will contact you by email to discuss

  • We DO NOT RESPONSIBLE for any custom issue, confiscation, custom fee, etc.

  • Please BE AWARE of your country’s rules and regulation regarding importing the plants before order, and let us know the detailed shipping instruction so we can follow.

  • It take 1 week for drying the plants thoroughly and preparing shipping after confirming the order. 

  • There is some delay of EMS at the moment due to COVID-19, we recommend you to use DHL for shipping. Please note that we DO NOT RESPONSIBLE for any shipping delay incurred during the pandemic. 

  • Shipping cost is subject to change depends on the weight and the destination.

  • If you have further queries, please contact us at any time.

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